Decreased wax, and increased production


The operator was having issues with wax forming downhole, in their pipelines, as well as in their Y-strainers and meters. This well was on a monthly condy batch program but they were pigging 2x a month and were constantly cleaning their Y-strainers and meters.

After initial bench tests with our Para-Solvent and Paraffin blend of microbes, ReNuu pumped 10 liters of Para-Solvent and 200 liters of micro-organisms down the casing with the well shut-in over the weekend ~ 68 hours, at a minimal cost. This project had a significant positive ROI for the client, whom we continue to partner with moving forward. 


Control of wax and 10% increase in production for $400. 

As the pictures indicate, the operator immediately saw reduced wax, as well as a 10% production bump of both gas and emulsion. The top picture shows the comparison of the wax two weeks prior to treatment on left and two weeks post treatment on right. The picture to the left shows the wax they're getting on the pig a year later.

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