Where We Work

Servicing Central Alberta and Western Canada

Our most common service area is above in dark blue, but ReNuu services all of Western Canada.

Core Services

How we get more for less.

ReNuu Production Optimization works with oil + gas producers to improve production on aging or underperforming wells. By using eco-friendly micro-organisms, we can greatly increase flow rates - increasing return on your investment.

At ReNuu, we believe in transparency. Our process includes baseline reporting, with follow-up reporting on flow and production changes. You'll get peace of mind knowing that you can evaluate the project's success with hard data.

Oilfield Optimization

We can help with fighting wax, scale, asphaltenes, inhibiting corrosion, or knocking out H2S. ReNuu's custom blend of microbes helps operations produce more, with less.

Other Services

Emerging Areas of Operation

Agriculture Production

From managing manure to optimizing crop production. ReNuu's line of Ag microbes help our Ag customers grow more, with less.

Wastewater Management

Managing BOD and odors in your wastewater, whether from industrial processes or municipal waste plants can be optimized with ReNuu's line of microbes. Optimizing your waste management, for less.


Our Clients

These businesses have trusted ReNuu to help them get more for less.

Case Studies

Ready to improve production on aging and underperforming wells?


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