After graduating high school Kevin took an Agricultural Management Diploma majoring in Production at Olds College in Central Alberta. After graduating, he moved back to the farm and started contract operating with his dad. During this time he got experience running shallow and deep gas, gas compression, and oil batteries. In the spring of 2012, he was offered a job with an Oklahoman provider that used microorganisms to optimize oil and gas wells. Kevin stayed with them until the crashing oil prices forced them to close their Canadian operations.


The next month Kevin and Rosalie were married and started Clean N Green Buggers - the first iteration of ReNuu. After seeing the power of microbial treatment, Kevin wanted to continue using his expertise to provide the service. They continued to add customers and expanded throughout Alberta over the years, as well as growing their farm and family. In August 2017 their oldest daughter was born, followed by their second daughter in February 2018, and lastly their son completed their family in July 2020. In the spring/summer of 2019, Clean N Green re-branded to ReNuu Production Optimization. They continue to expand and take on new clients, working to push the limits of production in Alberta and help producers get more for less - because out here, it matters.

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